Air Filter Benefits Vehicle Occupants From Airborne Particulates

Studies have been conducted on how hazardous airborne particulates can actually be to vehicle occupants. The result shows that women, especially post-menopausal women, are at a higher risk of suffering ill effects from these minute particles in the air we breathe. And since Americans spend more and more time in and about their cars, it is imperative to keep the air inside the vehicle clean so as not to endanger the health of its occupants.

Since the air inside a car contains up to six times the concentration of airborne particulates compared to the air outside it, a cabin air filter is very important. In connection with the needs for such devices, the Filtration Division of Freudenberg Nonwovens has developed the micronAir cabin air filter.

The micronAir filter is an aftermarket product just like a Hyundai cold air intake component. It protects the occupants of a vehicle from airborne particulate which was revealed to be one of the causes of heart and lung disease. The product removes particles in the air that enters a car?s cabin and the list of these particulate foreign matter include pollens, spores, exhaust fumes, bacteria, road dust, soot, industrial dust, and smog. All of these are harmful to a person?s health especially when inhaled in large quantities. The use of this device protects those with asthma or any other respiratory problems from getting ill than they already are.

Barry F. Kellar, the Vice-President and General Manager of Freudenberg Nonwovens Filtration Division, issued this statement: ?By preventing contaminants from entering a vehicle?s cabin, a micronAir cabin air filter helps to maintain the health of passengers, especially women and people with allergies, asthma, and other upper-respiratory ailments. With people spending an increasing amount of time in their vehicles, the presence of a functional cabin air filter becomes even more important.?

Awareness among American motorists though is limited. According to Kellar, many motorists are not aware that cabin air filters are integrated onto their cars. Those who know that their car is equipped with cabin air filter sometimes do not know that these components should be replaced every year or after 10,000 miles, whichever comes first. The replacement of these cabin air filters is needed to ensure that the filter can efficiently keep the entrance of airborne particles inside the car in check.

The micronAir cabin air filter is designed to trap dust, pollens, bacteria, and soot particles with its particle filters. Those particles are as small as .5 microns. They may be that small but they surely do pack quite a huge amount of power that could make us all ill. The micronAir also has combi-filters with a layer of activated carbon that traps in these particles. This carbon layer in turn captures smog, exhaust gases, and fumes. These particles are much smaller in size; only .01 microns or about 1/500th the width of a human hair.

The advancement in this field will be very much welcomed by the public. In a recent study that was conducted by Dohring Co., they found out that about 95 percent of their respondents are concerned about the quality of air entering their vehicles cabin. Of the total number of respondents, 91 percent said that they would want cabin air filters to be standard equipment on vehicles being mass produced by different car manufacturers. 83 percent of the respondents stated that they would want their next vehicle to come with a cabin air filter. Among the respondents of the study, 85 percent said that they are concerned about the ill effects of exhaust gases and vapors while almost half of the total number of respondents said that they are concerned about pollens, allergens, germs, dust particles, odors, and smog. The importance of cabin air filters on vehicles is the fact that 67 percent of the respondents in the study said that they are suffering from allergies and/or respiratory problems or living with someone who does.

Evo Handling Vs Engine Power Of Subaru

When it comes to the rally world, Subaru and Mitsubishi are two names that won’t let themselves get ignored. And they weren’t not ignored, what they did is they grabbed the attention of many car enthusiasts. Their respective designs is not the one that dazzles them, it is the speed. STI by Subaru and EVO by Mitsubishi are the cars that named the tight competition between the two. With everything that is applied on this two, one would find it hard to determine which one is better. It will be very hard, even for experts, to know which one has the edge and which one will be left behind if ever they will meet on the road.

As many reviews said, you can’t declare STI as the winner if you haven’t drive the EVO and vice versa. The only thing that will distinguish one from the other is when one is drove by a professional and the other one is drove by a baby.

Some say that Mitsubishi’s EVO is the greatest. EVO has a steering ratio of 13.0:1 while the Subaru only has 15.2:1. As the numbers show, the previous one appears to be quicker. But the battle does not end there, there are more features that differentiate the two. If chassis is EVO’s best attribute, STI takes the credit when it comes to the drivetrain. The cars has more power and torque on tap and more aggressive gearbox. It is hard to find a drivetrain whose priority is to go quickly than any other road car, but STI has it. The car offers a power delivery with rally car handling. When you grind the pedal to the corner exits, the STI turns into a Subaru-powered Camaro. The transitions from understeer to oversteer rapidly with the active center diff doing much of the work in deciding where the power goes. But still, STI is less adjustable than the Mitsubishi’s EVO.

When it comes to driving, the responses in EVO is more natural, easier to control and more rewarding. On the other hand, STI is less receptive to mid-corner adjustments from the brakes or the throttle. Braking is awarded to EVO. Since STI is producing an inconsistent pedal feel, it is disheartening to step on it. EVO’s braking system provides a relentless stopping power, slowing it time and time again to match the cornering speed.

On the engine, it looks like STI has it. With a 295bhp 2.5 litre turbocharged flat four cylinder engine, it will surely left behind EVO’s 2.0 litre turbo with a power of 276bhp. Subaru appears to be the stronger performer because of its more low-down punch and a wave of power all the way up to 8,000rpm red line.

Even though their advantages were mentioned, it is still not clear which one is superior. Power, precision, sharpness and acceleration makes the judgment seismic. We can choose the STI for now, but it can be the EVO in few weeks or months, and the cycle will go on. Because until now, both manufacturers keep on developing their own cars to get the supremacy in rally cars. And this benefits us largely. Their competition is our gain.

Repossessed Car Auctions- Driving Into Best Decision

Buying vast assets such as house or vehicle is one of the very crucial financial decisions that need enough consideration. Such consideration must also be applied in buying repossessed cars. This does not signify that because you cannot afford to buy a brand new car, you would not take serious decision making in buying repossessed car at some car auctions. You need to think over that repossessed car markets have own twist and turn that prospective buyers must be watchful of.

First and foremost, you need to realize that the repossessed car markets evolved from various factors. One of those common factors is that the original owners are financially provided by banks so they can purchase cars and in the long process, these owners can no longer maintain their financial obligations at the banks such default on their required monthly installments according to what has been transpired in the agreement. This leaves no choice for the lending organization but to take back those bank-financed vehicles and place them on the repossessed car markets to raise the remaining balance of those cars. The responsible organizations make these impounded vehicles for sale through public bidding, in which the highest bidder will get the auctioned cars.

To make your car purchase plan successful, you need to gather as much information as you can about any car auctions from all possible sources. Before expanding your car auction searches, you need to look for any local car auction within your area so to save time and efforts. Your local newspapers can be a good source of local car auction information as they are usually used in public bidding announcements. After collecting enough information about car auctions, the next step is to get in touch with the responsible authorities. It is advised to know if there are still cars available, particularly the one that you like most. When you confirm the car availability, you can now discuss with them any arrangements such as inspection and documents presentations.

The only thing you need to remember always is that repossessed car is not just a typical business where you can reconcile for anything. Since they are secondhand cars, you need to make the most of your time in finding the best one to avoid being remorseful at the end. You need to avoid making decision instantly and try not to agree with any blurred commitments to purchase. As said earlier, explore all the options in your hand before settling to buying repossessed cars.

Auto Glass For Your Vehicle

Auto glass is very integral to your vehicle and it has many functions like for safety of passenger from accident. Auto glass is more essential for safety. It also has other facilities like not allowing dust, smoke and sunlight inside.

You can find different types of auto glass and you can go according to your budget and preference. Many glasses has plastic film which prevent the glass from shattering and causing injury from smoke, ultraviolet sun raise and high frequency sound especially at traffic places.

When you replace your auto glass that time make sure that windshield is perfectly centered the glass should look as the part of vehicle. Now a days repairing auto glass usually take less then 30 minutes. As most windshield are now available laminated with multiple layer which make glass more safety form getting damaged which help the technician to remove the air in the damaged area and replace it.

Auto glass is an important structural component of a vehicle so one should always try to get the high quality glass product for their vehicles. In fact, any damage to your windshield or windows should receive careful attention, as even a tiny, seemingly harmless crack can quickly grow and escalate into a dangerous, shattered mess.

Take care, for larger cracks might result in more expensive repair work or complete replacement of a windshield. Since many insurance policies do not cover auto glass replacement, it is advisable to rectify the problem at the beginning. Repair damaged auto glass in time, as you may actually save a considerable amount of time, money, and frustration by seeking immediate attention.

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Honda Accord: Midsize Division?s Best Selling Car

Welcome the new 2006 Honda Accord. This vehicle is a family sedan that holds four doors. It has the maximum passenger capacity of holding five people. It also comes available in 17 various trims that ranges from the VP 5 Spd MT to the EX V6 5 Spd AT with Nav System and XM Radio. Standard for all trim levels is a 5 speed automatic transmission system with overdrive. This vehicle is freshened for 2006.

This vehicle is considered to be the best midsize car in the United States at present. The 2006 Honda Accord has been redesigned and totally reengineered. Because of this very fact, this car has now become one of the best selling midsize cars. It comes with a combination and concoction of high technology, high quality, and everyday economy of operation. It offers a lifetime of comfort as well as amazing convenience features. Its main competitor is most likely the Toyota Camry.

For this year, the 2006 Honda Accord offers several new features and these include a powerful and responsive VTEC engine with four cylinders. This engine is responsible for producing and providing the car with a strong acceleration performance. For the EX-L and EX V6 trims, an XM Satellite Radio is made standard. Added in are side curtain airbags, a climate control system, an MP3 player, a Windows Media player, a DVD rear seat entertainment system, as well as a hands-free cellular phone. It has also been designed and crafted to be highly fuel efficient with low emissions and partial zero emissions, or PZEV. The 2006 Honda Accord has angular headlamps and sharpened noses. It actually reminds people of the Acura RSX. It boasts of a muscular and agile look that is due to its carefully sculpted body that holds a combination of concave and convex surfaces on its corners and sides. As per its interior, it is especially smooth, firm, and very quiet. It holds wide seats that are comfortable because of the added springs and urethane padding that reduces vibration.

In a nutshell, the 2006 Honda Accord holds a color choice for its exterior that includes desert mist metallic (ivory), graphite pearl (gray), premium white pearl (ivory), Redondo red pearl (gray), and silver frost metallic (gray). The features for this vehicle line include wheel locks, a removable roof rack, a ski attachment, a snowboard attachment, a bike attachment, a car cover, a half nose mask, a full nose mask, a Fenderwell trim, door visors, splash guards, door edge guards, a gold exhaust finisher, fog lights, a cargo net, a trunk tray, an auto day and night mirror with compass, a cassette player, an MP3 player, a Honda music link (for iPod), anti-lock braking system (ABS), dual-stage and dual-threshold front airbags (SRS), front and rear crush zones, front side airbags with passenger side occupant position detection system (OPDS), the LATCH system, child seat tether anchors, seat belts with pretensioners, side curtain airbags, side impact door beams, and a wave key and immobilizer system.

For Honda Accord parts and Honda auto parts needs, customers and interested parties can visit Auto Parts Go. Auto Parts Go is an online store that holds a wide array of quality and durable Honda parts and accessories.

Going with the Car Wreckers in Christchurch

Canterbury car wrecking business is making around 25 billion dollars per annum, the car recycling industry looks to be one of the most significant industries in the country. The excellent news is that people who have a car they don’t use anymore can get some great money for it, particularly if it’s not too damaged.

While looking for the car wreckers in Christchurch, these professionals will estimate the worth of the individual’s vehicle and if they think that there are still a few parts that can be used, those parts will be sold. That’s the reason, cash for cars Christchurch pay top dollars for your car. There are also some places which allow persons to just look through the old vehicles for any parts they might need. This elaborate that they can go into the lot with suitable tools for removing the parts they want and then pay for them. Conversely, there is also the case with cars that are damaged further than repair and that is why they’ll discover their way to the scrap yard. If the engine is still in excellent conditions, it can be sold with great money.

All the paradigm car battery contains a lot of lead and the fact is that they are very expensive for the automotive industry because of this. The lead is properly separate and then recycled, to be used for various reasons. Conversely, when it comes to the EV batteries, construct them is a very composite and difficult duty. Because they ponder up to seven hundred and fifty dollars, building them also requires a longer period of time and many more components. As a product, recycling them could be a bit thorny. This means that drivers who have such batteries will be incapable to dispatch them to the same folks that handle their normal car batteries. And because the expertise is still quite new, the numeral of such batteries that required to be dealt with are in fact very few. Still, recycling them is around 5 times more costly compared to regular batteries. If there is excellent news in all of this that is the fact that EV batteries are non-toxic, it means that depositing them in landfills is secure.

Recycling the car will occasionally start at the scrap yard and then continue at a recycling department. Before cars are recycled, all fluids will have to be appropriately drained and they include the Freon, gas, oil and antifreeze. Next, the battery will of course need to be got rid of, because it contains materials that can be simply recycled.

According to stats from the surveys, there will be around 800K EV batteries recycled on an annual basis. It looks that people who wish for to get cash for cars now know what they require to do in order do so. Recycling an old car instead of letting it rest in a trash or barn is going to revolve a pile of junk into some great money.

I Want Cash For My Car ? Getting A Better Deal

When you tell buyers that, ?I want cash for my car? you make it clear that you are serious about making a sale. Needless to say, your goal is to attract only serious buyers and to make the best possible deal on your car. The time and effort you put in before ever placing your car up for sale will go a long way in helping you get every penny that your ride is worth. Here is a checklist of suggestions that may help get you the cash you want.

Right when the thought ?I want cash for my car? passes through your brain, step away from the car and take a long, hard look at it. Get at a distance of several yards and look at it not as the owner, but as a potential buyer would. Is the paint dull? Does that scratch on the side become a little more noticeable? Is the tread on the tires showing signs of wear? You can bet a buyer will be looking for the flaws that he will point out to you in order to get you to come off the price. Get the car in selling shape with a good wash and wax job. Get rid of all the fast food wrappers in the back seat. In short, clean the car inside and out and the flaws will be less noticeable.

Now when you say ?I want cash for my car?, buyers will see a vehicle that has a well cared for appearance. You will be taken more seriously when you state your asking price. But how do you really know what the car is worth? Not to worry, there are web sites that can help you with that. The value of a vehicle can vary greatly between makes, models and the mileage on the odometer. Even your location can have an impact on price. So it?s important to do some research and price your vehicle right; you can bet the buyer will have done his homework and will know if you?re asking far more than the car is worth.

Telling a buyer now that, ?I want cash for my car? will get you the attention you are looking for. The car looks ready for sale and you have an asking price based on real research, not some pie-in-the-sky number. That means you?re in the perfect position to make a quick, clean sale and come away with a pocketful of cash.